Today is May 14,2018 my Name is DJ2RO and i am writing on this blog to share details about who and what Airboat In Everglades Is to me.

    Dear Reader,
                      Have you ever needed to raise your hands and surrender to needing more than what you could ever understand? Your life is full of blessing from coming into encounter incredible people from all over the world. At the moment you can only express the smile on your face whether it is from an understanding of being appreciated or misunderstood. Your grounds are firm where you stand and give thanks everyday to a god you have never physically met but spoken to a million time.God is real, Jesus is real, Budda is real, wait......   if you believe or your ancestors can stand by there word they spoke to you than you can believe. Believe that GOD !!! However you wish to name GOD, HE is in our lives and gives us the ability and strength to live !!!! Explore the one and only Everglades. GOD has given us the tools to explore and we wish to share it with you.

                                                    Sincerely, DJ 2RO
From Airboat In Everglades

Airboat In Everglades
17696 SW 8 ST
Miami, FL 33194
Telephone: 1-888-893-4443

Local Phone:
8:00 am – 5:00 pm Daily

Walk ups welcome but subject to availability

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