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Treat yourself, your friend's and loved ones to the experience of a lifetime! Go on an adventure onboard one of our private airboats. We will take you deep into the Florida Everglades; one of the last remaining wetlands in North America. Experience the natural wildlife of South Florida, on this magnificent adventure. You will get close and personal with alligators, deers, snakes, bears, panthers, bobcats, raccoons and over 300 species of birds, that call the Everglades their home. Our experienced staff are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. Our airboats have padded "waterproof" seats to keep you dry, safe and comfortable. We offer private and semi-private tours, as well as group packages.

We also offer something we like to call The Millionaire Style Experience at the lowest guaranteed prices! We will strive to give you the best airboat Adventure of your life; guaranteed! Unlike our competitors who charge twice as much; we offer a better and more personalized, professional experience for your hard earned dollar. It is our responsibility to bring you closer to the wonderous and endangered eco-system known as the Everglades, and surrounding areas of South Florida.
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